Antistatic Dust Free Wipes 20cm x 20cm - 130 pcs

Professional dust-free and anti-static wipes. Designed for precise cleaning of delicate specialized surfaces.
The special structure and knitwear method ensure safety for cleaned items and elements. Dust-free wipes do not cause scratches, do not leave dust and do not electrify. The wipes do not leave streaks on the cleaned surfaces, and the cleaning process is fast and safe for the surface being cleaned.
Commonly used in:
- optics (lenses, glasses, photographic lenses, binoculars, telescopes etc.)
- electronics (processors, optical discs, lasers, LCD displays etc.)
- printers and scanners (printheads, optical elements, lasers, sensors and encoders)

size 20cm x 20cm

Hermetic sealed packaging.

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Professional, anti-static dust-free wipes for cleaning printer heads, camera lenses, LCD screens, displays, electronics and optics. They leave no dirt, i.e. streaks, hairs or lint.
Cloths are made of specially woven delicate fabric. They do not leave dust or scratch the surface being cleaned .
Antistatic wipes are of high quality and perfectly absorb water, solvents and other cleaning liquids. They do not leave micro scratches or streaks on the cleaned surfaces.

Perfectly suited for cleaning:
printheads and printers
laminates PCB after soldering processes
glass, lenses, optics including CCDs / CMOS,
touch displays
CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, vinyl
delicate plastic surfaces.

Technical data:
hermetically packed
size: 20x20 cm
quantity: 130 pcs.
model: 4006
weight: 180g / m2 +/- 5%
made of 100% continuous polyester fiber in a double bond,
dust-free laser cut in dust-free technology
dust-free sterile wrapped cloths moisture free



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Antistatic Dust Free Wipes 20cm x 20cm - 130 pcs

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