Head EPSON DX5 F186000 Solvent MUTOH MIMAKI and Chinese

The original Epson DX5 print head allows for fast and multi-colored printing, while maintaining its high quality. Epson DX5 does not require decoders to work properly. The DX5 eco-solvent head is compatible with printers from Chinese manufacturers.
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The DX5 eco solvent head is designed to work with inks:

Model: F186000
Condition: New, uncoded, made in Japan.

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New Original EPSON DX5 Printhead for Eco Solvent printers

Original DX5 printhead designed for printing printers in ecosolvent and mild solvent technology. Epson DX5 is a high quality printhead made in Micro-piezo technology with a resolution of 1440 dpi. The presented DX5 head does not require a decoder for proper operation. We remind you that signal tapes should be replaced along with the head, which have a big impact on the proper operation of the head.

When replacing the head, we recommend replacing consumable parts such as:
-cap top
- signal tapes

Technical data:
Model: F186000
Resolution: 1440 dpi
Technology: Micro-Piezo
Min. drop size: 1.5 pico liter
Max. droplet size: 21 pico liter
Number of nozzles: 180 nozzles x 8 lines
Origin: Japan

The EPSON DX5 printhead is fully compatible with printers and non-coded printers !:

ALLSIGN: AS1802S | AS3202S | E6184
WIT-COLOR: Ultra 9100 | Ultra 9000
MEITU: MT-E1802S | MT-Starjet 5.0
PRISMAJET: GE 1802 DS | GE 1802 DSII GE1802 S | GE 1802 SII
WER: ES160 | ES1802 | ES2502 ES3202 | ES32021
XUNFEI: ME1300 | ME1600 | ME900 | VE1800 | VE2600
VESPLOTER: Naniva VP1645 | Naniva UV GP | Naniva UV FR
UVPRINTER: Smatch UV Spirit A1 | Smatch UV Sprint A2 | UVprinter.pl UV 6090
COLORGROUP: SmartJet 1615 | E + Jet 1825 | KE + Jet 3225 | SmartJet 2160 UV | FB 1512E52 | Qu-Jet E series | CS-Jet | TEX-Jet | E-press |
DTG printers: Aeoon DTG | Anajet Anajets BajuJET Dream Jet | DTG HM1 | DTG HM-1 | DTG M2 DTG M4 | DTG Viper | DTG-K3 | Fast T-JET Flexi Jets, Focus, Free Jet, Freejets | Newsstand Kiosk II NeoFlex | Resolute DTG | R-Jet 5 | R-Jet i3 | TexJet Veloci-Jet
AW EP-180 | AW EP-320
GALAXY: UD-2512LA | UD-1812LA | UD-1612W | UD-161W | UD-181LA | BY-1801B | UD-251LA | UD-2112LA | A1801S | A1802S | BY-1801B | UD-1612LC | UD-1612W | UD161LC |
StormJet: 7160 | 7160s

Other printers:
SUNFINER | SMART COLOR SID RODIN CATEWAY MeiTu MT-E1802S | MT-Starjet 5.0 | MT-Starjet | Lecai DX5 Model | AllSign AS1802S | AS3202S | 181LA | 211LA | Rodin 1804 | E6184 | WinJET ALPHA ADDTOP Ameritor Aome A-Starjet | AUDLEY AZON CAE Colorworld Dazzle Jet DEM-JET DERUGE | Disen DO-IT | DOS | DS.MLG | Fortune-Lit | FULUKE GALAXY | GARROS Gateway Glitter Gohoo | GROZER PRINTER Hanze Electrical HC Helitin Human INFINITI Inkworld Inkworld-Xenons | KMBYC | LECAI Leicai LOGE L-TEC MINGYANG MT MT-Starjet | NICE Niprint NUOCAI Orient LongKe | Perfect Laser Qingdao | CSY Reach SAER Saishun | SaiTu | SCIJET Seron Signstar SinoColor | Sky-Color | SKYJET SMART Smart Color | Stormjet SUKE TITAN-JET TJET Toyo UD-Galaxy | Ultra Smart | WER | Win-Color WinJET Wit-Color | Xenons | X-Roland | Xuli | YH YIFANG Yilong | Yinghe | YORKDEAL | Yueda | Zenith ZY ZZG

If your printer is not listed above, please contact us! We will help you choose the right head for your printer.

* the product is not covered by the warranty


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działa w apexach,? na zdjęciu jest taka sama tylko czy kodowanie takie samo

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naprawdę miła i rzeczowa obsługa pełne wsparcie i doradztwo - dzięki

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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


w mimaku jv33 działa na frimware 1.5-1.7 własnoręcznie wytestowane

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dzieki, w galaxy działa ale mam pytanie czy do Mimaka Jv33 da radę założyć? jakie kodowanie i firmware?


jetst ok

ploter ekosolwent Stormjet

w piątek zamówienie, dostawa w poniedziałek, głowica oryginalnie zapakowana paczka jest ok, zamontowaem w ploterze i działa :)


działa bez zarzutu :)

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Head EPSON DX5 F186000 Solvent MUTOH MIMAKI and Chinese

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