LED UV Ink Hard for printers with Konica Minolta and Ricoh heads 1L Cyan

A UV LED Hard/Hard for Konica Minolta's heads, is a perfect solution for Flatbed printers. The LED Hard ink is ideal for printing on flatbed media where it has the best adhesion. LED Hard ink is compatible with Docan, Flora, Allwin, Agfa and many others large format printers.
The UV LED Hard ink is perfect for substrates such as:
paper - wood - plexiglass - glass - metal - ceramics - cardboard - and other hard surfaces.

It works with heads:
Konica Minolta: 1024i 6PL and 1024i 14PL Ricoh: Gen5

Capacity: 1 liter State: New

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LED UV Ink Hard for printers with Konica Minolta and Ricoh heads 1L Cyan

UV LED ink for Konica Minolta and Ricoh large format printers with heads used in Docan, Allwin, HandTop, Flora and many others. LED Hard UV Ink is a rigid / hard UV ink that has the best adhesion on flat objects. Ink UV LED is very good for printing on surfaces such as glass, plastic, ceramics, plexiglass and many others. For flexible and soft media we recommend the use of Flex inks, which are characterized by high flexibility and resistance to cracking. In addition, UV LED Hard Ink is characterized by rich colors and color depth. 
The UV LED Hard Ink for large format printers is characterized by its main features: 

-rich color scheme
-scratch resistance

Works with heads:
Konica Minolta:
1024i 6PL and 1024i 14PL Ricoh: Gen5

UV LED Hard for printers with Konica Minolta and Ricoh heads is a perfect replacement for UV printers.
Handtop | Flora | DOCAN | UVprinter | Yotta | Wit-Color | ATMSolution | AUDLEY | Canon Oce
and others with Konica Minolta, Ricoh heads:
Artemis | ZENITH | ALPHA | ADDTOP | Ameritor | Aome | Aprint | A-Starjet | AUDLEY | AYON | AZON | CAE | Colorworld | Dazzle Jet | DEM-JET | DERUGE | Disen | DO-IT | DOS | DS.MLG | Fortune | FULUKE | GALAXY | Gongzheng | Hanze Electrical | Human | INFINITI | Inkworld | Xenons | KMBYC | LECAI | Leicai | LOGE | L-TEC | MINGYANG | Micolor | Niprint | Seron | Signstar | SinoColor | Sky-Color | SKYJET | SMARTjet | Smart Color | Stormjet | TITAN-JET | Galaxy | Ultra Smart | Win-Color | Wit-Color | XenonsXuli | YIFANG | Yilong | Yinghe | YORKDEAL | Yueda | Zenith

The UV ink UV resistance of LEDs is up to a maximum of 12 months, in exposures facing south in full sun the coefficient can be significantly reduced depending on latitude. For long-term presentations it is recommended to use a laminate with a UV filter. 

You're not sure if the ink will be compatible with your printer? Contact us, we will help you choose the right ink for your device!


Data sheet

Printer name
Ink colors
Cyan - Niebieski
Packaging capacity
1000 ml
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LED UV Ink Hard for printers with Konica Minolta and Ricoh heads 1L Cyan

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