Welding machine for banners and tarpaulins Printing Group HOT semi-automatic

Banner welding machine with a durable ceramic heating element that is fully temperature controlled with feed speed.
The economical and high quality banner welding machine ensures durable and aesthetic joints and welding of banners and tarpaulins.

- meshes, banners, tarpaulins
- car covers
- advertising tents
- welding edges of banners and meshes before hanging

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Banner Group and tarpaulin welding machine HOT Group

The innovative design ensures a fast welding process and welding of banners and their edges.
The semi-automatic banner welding machine is used for quick and cheap edge welding on banners and tarpaulins. Ease of use ensures smooth and effective work. And durable welds allow easy installation of advertising media such as banners, meshes, rigid fabrics.

The biggest advantage of a banner welding machine is its efficiency, ease of use and durability of steel fittings.

The most important advantages of a banner welder:

- speed control
- display showing the current temperature
- display showing the set temperature
- temperature control from 50C to 500C
- smooth regulation of the exhaust air power

Technical parameters:

- 110V / 60Hz power supply ---- 220V / 50Hz
- maximum power: 2000W, nominal 800W
- Temperature range: 50C - 500C
- Warm-up time approx. 5 minutes
- Weight 15kg
- Welder dimensions 41cm x 25cm x 20cm.
- Adjustable speed 1-10 meters / minute

The automatic banner and tarpaulin welding machine is designed mainly for working with materials:

- mesh net
- PVC banners
- sails
- curtains
- car covers
- foamed PVC
- advertising tents


base equipped with wheels for easy maneuvering of the eyelet machine,
packaging dimensions: 37 x 21 x 42cm,
dimensions of the device: 35 x 21 x 56cm,
weight: 6kg.



dobra maszynka za taką kasę jeden minus to brak na magazynie ale przed wyborami wszedzie bylo to samo więc można wybaczyć. Ogólnie pozytyw działa bez problemow

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Welding machine for banners and tarpaulins Printing Group HOT semi-automatic

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