Nocai UV 0406 LED UV printer with the ability to print on cups and bottles

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Equipment and additional options
DELL computer for software operating
Mobile base with a printer cabinet
UPS overvoltage protection with LAN protection
Starter Inks
Rotary device
Starter kit - consumables and cleaning supplies
Individual profiling and personalization of settings
Breakdown insurance
RIP software Print server
Transport to the address (without bringing into the building)
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Remote technical support ON-Line / Tel
Commissioning and installation
Training in using the printer
Transport to the address (without bringing into the building)
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Nocai UV LED UV 0406 UV printer

Professional uv printer for gadgets. Modern and cheap uv led printer.
The Nocai 0406 device is a great alternative for producers and contractors in many industries. The Nocai 0406 uv led printer is a unique tool due to its versatility and universal design. 

The Nocai 0406 UV LED printer is equipped with an excellent media guide system supported by electronic sensors with the help of which it automatically sets the carriage height and printheads. This solution guarantees high quality and safety for the heads and materials during the printing process.

A feature that distinguishes this device from other devices and is responsible for the uniqueness of this device is the ability to print on round objects. Thanks to the rotary attachment, we can print on cups or bottles!

UV Led technology allows printing on an infinitely wide range of products and materials. The following are examples of using the Nocai 0406 uv printer.

    • glass, ceramics, canvas
    • metal, wood, plastic, PVC, plexiglass
    • leather, fabrics, polyesters, banners, foils
    • key rings, gadgets, markings, advertising materials
    • road signs, markings,
    • flat and convex elements 

The UV printer is equipped with CMYK + white inks. What's more, the inks provide the possibility of selective printing that gives the impression of 3D structural printing. 

Choose any configuration:

Computer printing station, original table, surge suppressor, set of inks


Data sheet

Printer name
Printer name/ref
Ink colors
Print size
40cm x 60cm
Rozmiary drukarki
85cm x 140cm x 60cm
AC220/110v 50-60HZ


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Nocai UV 0406 LED UV printer with the ability to print on cups and bottles

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